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What Happened

What Happened?

What happened to the year so far? It’s March already and I haven’t posted anything since January. This is not only poor on my part but also bad for my Google search ranking. Hence this post about… well… nothing really. I did plan to have a month of posts all lined up for February but it got away from me.… Read more →


Having not typed anything on this site for a good while I come back to find nothing has changed. Odd that as I have sole responsibility for this place. Maybe it’s time to re-up the site and my postings to it?   Ok I admit I have been watching season one of The Wire again. I forget how good it is… Read more →

Comes and Goes

  There is this thing inside of me that comes and goes. Sometimes it won’t stop for a few days and sometimes it drys up runs away with the circus and feels like it’s never coming back. This thing is the want to write. Today it came back but without intent. It just wanted to put fingers to keyboard. What… Read more →

Sitcom Writer Needed

One day I want to write a sitcom, not a novel or movie but a situation comedy. The issue is I have no idea what kinda situation I want to write about or what the characters should be. I don’t know where the jokes and humor will come from or what I am really going to say with it. Yet… Read more →

For Me Not For Him

For me

I write this blog for me and no one else really. Sure I have written a couple of posts which seem to have gained traction with people but, two posts over the many many years I have been bangin away at a keybaord sums up this site to me. That I do it for me. I don’t track users, viewers, posts… Read more →

BaD tImEs AhEaD

The snoopers charter is likely to go ahead, cuts to services are to go ahead, the BBC will have to really negotiate for continued investestment, further sell offs of the post office and now the Guardian are reporting that Channel 4 might be ripe to also be sold off. I worry for the future of free and open media. The BBC and… Read more →